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Dark Pop
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"Unfinished Business" clip

"In a Hurricane" clip

"Damn You, Hope!" clip

"Your Kiss is My Command" clip

"Transatlantic Void" clip

"Man of War" clip

"My Domesticated Beast" clip

"The Moral" clip

"October" clip

"The Woman Behind the Woman
(Oh! Mary Magdalene)" clip

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Speech For Heated Hearts
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"Not My Valentine" MP3 ... Lyrics

"Wreck My Tea" MP3

"Speech For Heated Hearts
(The Jaguar Song)" MP3

"Magnetized" MP3

"You Haul" MP3

"The Race" MP3

"Superglue" MP3

"Transport" MP3

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"I Had a Dirty Dream About You"
audio clip / lyrics

"Capture" audio clip / lyrics

"Experiencia Exotica" audio / lyrics

"Heavenly Feeling"audio / lyrics
(with Mia Theodoratus on harp)

"Unloaded Gun" audio clip / lyrics

"Kick Ass Instrumental" audio clip

Live performance at CBGB Gallery

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The Color Guard EP
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"Draw Me Like Her" (for the animated cartoon Daria)

"(you make life)Divine"

"O-Ring Task Force"

"Not My Valentine"


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R E M I X : "Magnetized" by Burning Star Core (C. Spencer Yeh)
Click here for more info on Burning Star Core

R E M I X : "Leaned & chopped" or "hacked & jacked" but NOT "Screwed": "October (Mr. Wonka's Brooding Headphone Mix)"
Email Mr. Wonka?!

U N R E L E A S E D : "En Why"
We submitted this rough recording in September 2001 for the Village Voice compilation Love Songs for New York. We recorded it live, except for vocals; the keyboard part was played by special guest Eli Bolin, and vocals were recorded by Louie Lino. Copyright 2001 The Color Guard.

V I D E O : "Transport" by Scott Dodson

The Ladyfest East double-CD compilation represents performers who appeared at the Ladyfest East music and arts festival in September 2001: The Color Guard, Lava Baby, The Hissyfits, Gina Young, Crowns on 45, Triple Creme, Bionic Finger, The Kitty Kill, The Plath, Marilyn McNeal and many more. It's a really good collection of East Coast rock, pop, and punk by women. Read Lalena's review of the CD release party and the comp on PEEKreview.

To order, or to find out more about Ladyfest, go to: www.ladyfest.org.

This comp is packed full of creepy fun, with an exclusive recording of our dirge "The Moral" (listen to a clip: MP3 or RealAudio). Also hear one of Lalena's first songs with The Hissyfits, "Vampire Chicks," as well as cuts by Grand Prix, Proteens, No On 15, Peabodys, Darlington, Marbles, Kid With Man Head, Teenage Girls, Huntingtons, Shy Guys, Dirt Bike Annie, Connie Dungs, The Portmans, Tressle Jumper, Juvenile Wreck, and Attention Deficit.

To order, contact Worn Out Records.

The Women of Williamsburg Project, a compilation of women artists in the newest creative mecca of NYC, benefits Planned Parenthood. The Color Guard were still known as Suziblade at the pressing of this CD, and boast the first song, "Not My Valentine." Genres range from songs to spoken word, and include artists like B-Blush, Lizzie West, and Topless.

For more information, go to Lulu Records.

Glittering Couds: Autumn in New York brings together a ton of NY bands, like Bionic Finger, Portico and us (as Suziblade with "Not My Valentine"), as well as Marty Willson-Piper, The Duo-Tones, Supernovice, Meredith DiMenna, Hot Little Number, Ostmoe, Tenforward, Robert Rankin Walker, Vivia Saturn, Kai Blackwood, Arno Sojo, Venus Throw, George Elliot, davidmahr, Tamaras, Aaron Shepherd, Phoenix Thunderstone, New Lamps for Old, and the Aquamen. HeyDay Records of San Francisco compiled this collection for the 2000 CMJ Music Conference in NYC.

We have a few left--$7 in the US or $9 overseas (see order info above).